Summer Program

Infant through PreK

Guardian Angel Daycare is a year round school child care facility.  

We have weekly themes with daily activities for our little ones – ages zero to five years old. Each week we will have a science activity, cooking day, and a water day.  We have special visitors scheduled throughout the summer to visit the children and share their unique interests/hobbies.

Two snacks and a healthy lunch are provided each day to all children in our infant through PK4 rooms.

During the summer, the children remain in the same classroom they were in during the school year.  We transition children to the next room up (if they are eligible for the move) in mid-August, when the new school year begins.

Only children in our PreK classes need to fill out a new application for summer. This includes the children who are entering PreK 4 and Kindergarten for the next school year. 



School Age Summer Camp  

Summer camp is offered to students who will be entering 1st through 6th grades in the upcoming school year; it is available to children from St. John the Baptist Elementary as well as students from other schools in the diocese. Students from non diocesan schools will be accommodated with director approval only.

The staff and I have worked very hard to make the camp an enjoyable, learning experience for your child.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask the front office staff or one of the teachers. 

Field Trips: 

Daily activities are listed on our website on our calendar.  Make sure you check it daily so that your child will be prepared for the events of the day and there will be no surprises.  If you would ever like to attend a field trip, please join us that morning.  We would love your company and an extra set of eyes is always welcomed.  

All children should be dropped off at least one hour prior to bus departure.  

Only children entering 1st through 5th grade may attend the field trips.  For safety reasons, preschool students (even those who are five years old) will be staying at the daycare and enjoying their own special activities day

For each field trip the children will need: 

  • Field Trip Shirt – mandatory (a shirt will be provided to each child by the daycare).
  • Tennis shoes or strap on sandals – something good for hiking and running; flip-flops are not allowed on field trips.  Water shoes may be worn on specific field trips only.
  • Sunscreen (a bottle may be stored in day camp).  Please have your child apply sunscreen prior to coming to camp each day.  They may reapply as needed throughout the day
  • Hats and visors – not mandatory, but a good idea.
  • All field trips have been paid for.  Please do not send money with your child – they will not be allowed to use it.
  • Please label all your child's items.  We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Bus Conduct:

All children are expected to observe safe conduct rules on the bus.  Some examples of what is expected is: use indoor voices as to not distract the driver, stay in your seat at all times (walking around is dangerous if the driver has to make a quick stop), no food or drinks may be consumed on the bus, etc.  These are the same rules we all had when we were young, please go over these rules with your child.  Our intent is to have a fun-filled, safe day.

Dress Code:

Your child should be dressed in comfortable clothing appropriate for exploration and play.  We request children dress in modest "school appropriate" dress.  Walking shorts, T-shirts, tennis shoes, etc. are a few examples – please no short-shorts or revealing tops.  Sandals may be worn if they stay on the feet; slides and flip-flops, we have found, are not practical for running, climbing, etc.  We see many injuries due to sandals causing stubbed toes, slivers from wood chips and children falling on or off the equipment.

Toys from Home:

Please leave all toys, money, etc. at home. It is very difficult for children to share their own toys during day camp.  There may be, however, special occasions when these items may be brought to camp; we will let the children know ahead of time when these days will be.  Hand held video game devices may be allowed with a written waiver signed by the parent.  If a child has a hand held device and a waiver is not completed, it will be held at the front office for the parent to pick up at the end of the day.

Quiet Time:

Every day we will have an hour of quiet time.  During this time the children may read a book, work on their bridging books, crossword puzzles, word searches, puzzles, etc.  Your child may bring books and magazines from home or choose from the selection the camp has to offer.  All children are given the opportunity to do their bridging/workbooks, however, we will not force any child to complete pages. This is not a "nap time", however, some children may wish to rest.  Your child may bring a small pillow (travel size) and a small blanket (around 4' X 4') for his/her comfort.  Children love to bring in big items! Please have the children leave them at home, for we do not have adequate storage.


Hours of operation change during the summer.  The summer camp is open from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Please be prompt and pick up your children by 6:00 P.M.  As noted in our handbook, a fee of $5.00 a minute is charged for any child left after 6:00 P.M. 

Hot Lunch:

Hot lunch will be provided to school age children every day!  Please check the posted menu for details of what the lunch will be.  If your child does not care for or want what is served, please have him/her bring his/her own lunch.  

Water Day:

Please check the calendar for scheduled water days. The children need to bring in a swimsuit, towel and sunscreen. 


Always check the calendar on our website for what is happening each day.  On occasion the times for field trips may change slightly.  We will let you know if this happens.  The calendar on our website will have the most up to date information – be sure to check it regularly. 

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